So many people on Facebook expressing their frustration with the athletes who decided to take a knee… what to know what I think? I think people are lacking in intelligence, human compassion and basic listening and comprehension skills.

Hear and listen. First off the reason these athletes are taking a knee is not a disrespectful gesture to the men and women who die for this country. It is a peaceful protest against the injustice, and continued mistreatment of black “americans” in the United States. Not a shot at the arm forces or lack of respect for the ones who defend us her back at home.

Empathize. Is it really that easy to disregard the killing of “any” unarmed human being? Black, white, Hispanic, asian etc. We’ve seen it countless times yet people still fail to realize that this is at the core of what all this protest is about. The mistreatment and blatant disregard for human life. In my heart I believe people who aren’t directly affected by this are fine with the world as it is which makes it easier to turn a blind eye.

Think for youreslf. It’s clear Trump is trying to divide the nation between good ‘ole America and the progressive America that wants change. It seems the logical thinkers are in the minority because sheeply people like to be lead and never learn to differentiate between their own views and the popular views. Just because the vast majority of Trump supporters are entertaining bigots doesn’t mean you have to fall in line with their propaganda. Think for yourself. Now Trump is focused on calling out athletes in the NFL which shows me his ignorance has endless reach. Isn’t he supposed to be having meetings with world leaders? Oh wait he burnt all his bridges when he started acting like a lil bitch.

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