Carine pt 2

At this time I know love letters sound to fictional to you. You don’t believe me. As authentic as I can be with these words, they sound as fake as th e word love sounds to me. I wouldn’t believe it neither. With the stories that float around about me about how I move o don’t blame  you. I blame me. I never provided you emotional support nor I was I ever there when you needed me. But as soon as I do express how I feel about at the moment the more trapped I feel in my sorrow. Drowning. I’m still trying to get my love knowing I don’t know the meaning of that word. But I hope it’s you. I’ve known you since elementary and as fucked up as I am right now I can’t forget fall 2011. It was about time. Laying with you felt like forever.  Your friends were my friends, we were best friends. You fucked with some of my nigga and I did the same with your friends but that never changed how I felt about you. If anything we had two choices either be together or never be. I don’t know how to handle this, I don’t know how to handle myself feeling this way. I know I got alot to offer but what can I do to show you ,you’re special. Words mean nothing at this point. Suffering.

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