Be impeccable with my word

Yes I’ve been reading the 4 agreements! I honestly can say I love the detail put into the boom so far. Though I’ve only ready as far as the first chapter, I am really enjoying it so far. 

The 1st agreement : Be impeccable with your word really got me thinking about how often I set and listen to people talk negatively about someone else. At work that’s all I hear, truth be told I am guilty of it to. Sometimes it passes the times but mostly it’s harmless talk. But this morning I rode with my sister to work and we had an interesting conversation.  Well by  we I mean I sat and listened while she went on and on about how much her friends are lame and needy. About how her ex is stalking her every time she goes out. All of this at 6:45 am. Personally I never really cared about other people’s personal lives , I never saw it as my business,  same goes for my family. Except when I am absolutely needed. But I was going along with her vent nodding and the occasional “uh-huh” , “forreal” you know. I had to catch myself agreeing to certain things that I really shouldn’t co-sign. I think she loves the drama though. I know her pretty well. I love her but listening to her bitch like that is exhausting. I literally feel physical pain. 

But that goes for anyone talking to me like that.  I kind of tune out. I admire that about myself. At work we just got a new employee and he asked me about the lay of the land. His words not mine. He asked about who he should watch out for etc. I told him he’ll figure it out. Everybody is different so he’d find out for himself eventually. This was before I had read the 1st agreement. So I guess I got that one pretty wrapped up, with practice I could be alot better though. But I was raised being told men shouldn’t gossip unless the person whom you speak is present. But grown ass men still gossip like school yard girls,  and we who don’t still call them bitches.

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