By Your Side By Jadakiss

If you know me I am very private. I might share a little on social media but never enough to we’re people can feel like they know me. Or that they know what to expect from me. It’s not that I have much to hide if anything I just see things differently. I don’t see much special about me other than the fact I am myself and I am learning to love who I am. Along with my flaws. My bipolar behavior, my past ,my semi-anti-social ways. Like I said I am learning. But to back to the purpose of the post. I’ve been hustling along time to get the little bit that I have now. And it seems the more I get the more things around me change. Perceptions of me, what I have , what I don’t that type of thing. When I wasn’t doing so well, when I rode a bike to work for months in 95° heat, the perception of me was honestly pity. As well as envy and truthfully a little love. Now that I came up with all the materialistic things people appreciate, which doesn’t make me who I am only amplifies what the perception of me already was, people seem to hate on me. I showed growth, people loved me for being ambitious back then but now that it has manifested things are different. I know there is nothing I can do but it ain’t what I thought it would be. But what I can do is learn to love it. The crooked faces, the mumbles. I know I ain’t shit but you’d swear I am the way people talk about me. Family is definitely included. Sad but true 

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