This is usually the part where I disappear. I don’t do so well with attention, I was never the type to seek. But now that it just comes to me I feel that familiar feeling again. It’s evident I am an introvert if you know anything you can tell by my writing or just the existence of this blog. This doesn’t mean I am shy about my opinion or that I am less assertive as the next person. It’s just when the focus is on me… I just rather it not be. People I know, obviously, read this and some probably dont know me as well as they think they do. Now that they know about my blog maybe I’m a little afraid of they’re perception of me after this. Probably right? I pride myself on not caring too much what people think but at some point if I really didn’t care like I want to, I’d probably be a sociopath. So I do and I don’t. 

No body likes to be judged but isn’t that the point? Isn’t that why anybody does anything? Artists especially. I write therefore I am a writer. Writing is an art, therefore I am an Artist right?…

 I’m asking myself fuck your opinion. 😁

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