The Girl with the Tattoo

At first sight beauty is blinding but breathe. She can hurt just like you. Be reminded, her pants come on and off same as everyone else. But everyone fucks different. I wonder. Does she wonder? Check yourself, look up. Her chest can’t speak. Though her hips call to you. Laramie got a tattoo. Me too. Eyes dart. Lips , nose ring, eyes, lips ,eyes, curly hair. Say something. Something she hasn’t heard. She knows you. And all others like you. But I know me too. Better than her. A smile, a laugh just like I imaged. My false bravado. I’m unsure but she smiles again. Hands move, I touch her lower back. Soft. Satin? Love? No Lust. No Us. I need it but she knows me, exchange numbers. A hug for a little too long, perfect. Way too close , people stare. We laugh. Women stare , I let go, step back. Player. It’s early. Preserving the night at 1:11. Player. He noticed? Hater. Watch her walk away , as quick as it comes the quicker it goes. Love. Lust. Fuck. Us. Trust… a must. But she knows me. I know me better lust.  

for Laramie

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