CHRIStal Muse 

I lost my composure with you last night. Apparently you did too. Something we do to each other almost criminal. For me, the scent of your hair, your calm ways, the unpredictability of your spirit. You make me wild, you make me accept this moment… turned off my phone. Knowing she ain’t you, please don’t bother. Just know you got my attention. I don’t know what you see in me, I’d like to. Three days of wonder. Sometimes I lose myself in you and I need reassurance. Be my mirror. Show me dont tell me, I wont understand. Who am I with You? Am I singular? Or has I become we…
Age is still a number but experience speaks. Your mentality moves me, while my heart weeps. To watch you walk away even for a day , a feeling I can’t keep. So I’ll be missing you, so long, until we meet.

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