Fake People

So we had a new hire at our location right. This guy is supposed to be a “holy man” or some shit. He comes in thinking he is going to change the world with his ministry or whatever. I believe in God, but this guy was full of shit. He gets to asking me about my tattoos, my backstory and etc. Like I am a lost soul. So we had our conversation since he was so eager to talk. I come to work today and this guy requested to be transferred to another location because he didn’t feel safe to working with a “gang member”. See, that’s why I don’t respect certain Christians. They think their better than everyone. If a person doesn’t follow every word of rhe Biblr or live exactly as they do they’re labeled as bad people. He ever said that. He knew me all of one day, called me a gang member and bad person. I told him I respected the work he did and at a time like this it was needed. But then he goes and says this shit?

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