Shoot Me Down

To bruise you and lose you, saddest thing I could do, accuse you and abuse you no I’d rather amuse you and be a muse to you. Inspire you to be a light for yourself when, I fall short to hold this boat afloat. Sailing for a destination unknown but fit for us. Where we can build a kingdom our own. Scuplt a throne for you to sit on when your days have been long. My ears, the receiver of your song, long after you’ve slept on. The constant beat of your heart reminds me to stay strong. And yet still not enough as I lay in a tomb that once smelt of you, sheets that no longer carry the warmth of nights so true. What am I to do I’ve become a recluse because of you. These words are the only thing I can offer , but they to will fall on deaf ears as do my  explanatory cries for you to come home.

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