Oh, my contradictions

Talk to me when I am faded
Odds are I’ll write about you when I am alone
Face to face is exhausting
Energy depleted as soon as you spoke
As soon as you fade the truth emerges
It’s evident I love you
Don’t let me lose you with these words you read
This mask can’t hide my ways
Look me in the eyes if you can bare your own empathy
Hanging by my own hand
But will you cut me loose
Allow me to be loose
In so many words castrate me with your love
Don’t doubt if it would be enough
Sometimes that’s all I need
Most times I’ll hate you for it
My momma gave me up for dope
How true would your love be
Nevermind my demons they love your energy like I do
Believe me when we say we love you
If it was singular it wouldn’t be enough
Speak of a void

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