Own Worst Enemy 1min

When you see me with everything I ever wanted that s when you come around, whispering in my ear everything you want me to hear. Worry accompanies you to my mental when there’s no reason to. Though you’re the closest to me you hate to see me happy. Hate to see me share , care, and appreciate another. You’re a narcissist similar to who I was. Not who I am. But you always pull me inward towards you. You’ll never let me go. Spreading your virus in my head about how one will never love me like you do. No one will ever know me like you do. No one understands, no one cares, no one has my best interest except you. If I felt like I do now with you back then I probably would of stayed even though it’s evident we were toxic. Though I miss you and all we had planned. I have what I needed along still you torture me. A reflection in the mirror shows my only enemy. Let you tell it in my head, I’m perfect. Practically a Unicorn. You say the type of man I shall become no one deserves. Be a matter for what a “black” man should be. I can’t trust you, everyday I see you, everyday I hear you, I love you but I have reason bigger than you to exist here. My seed calls to me in my sleep words I will never tell. From my lady womb ,whom you curse for irrelevant reasons based on past mistakes. I tell you, you ‘ve made worse mistakes than partners. Imagine if she did what you did. You’re a habitual their, murders, liar, and devil. I’ve seen what you do, and I enjoy the recollection to be honest…tbc

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