Exodus 34:7

I’ve noticed lately that people love to tell you how your child will act when they find your expecting. People who know nothing about you, your partner, where either of you came from or where you’re going. People are so superstitious it’s sickening. “Oh, your kid is going to be just how you were as a kid but two times worst” . That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Yes, my kid shares genes and maybe will adopt my personality but the circumstances that made me who I am will be different than how he’ll be brought up. Example, my father grew up without a father, and his father before that so it’s only makes since I don’t have one. Also they’ve all been to the penitentiary so I might also. I’m just saying superstition doesn’t make the child who they are nor does the parents past, it’s all about the circumstances in which the child will grow up.

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